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Welcome to Wicton Farm: A sustainable Source of Local Food and Drink

If you’re looking for a delicious and sustainable way to eat, look no further than Wicton Farm. This family-run farm is located just outside of Bromyard, Herefordshire, and has been producing fresh, local food for over 20 years. 

Wicton Farm is committed to sustainability. They use organic farming methods, powered by 100% renewable energy and on their way to become a single use plastic free farm.  

In addition to their commitment to sustainability, the farm is also passionate about providing their customers with the freshest, highest-quality food possible. If you’re looking for a taste of local food, be sure to visit Wicton Farm. You can find their stall at the monthly market in Bromyard, or you can buy their products directly from the farm. They also have a milk vending machine next to Legges butchers where you can access fresh milk 24 hours a day.  

Here are some of the things you can find at Wicton Farm: 

  • Fresh milk: Wicton Farm’s milk is 100% pure, unpasteurized, and delicious. It’s perfect for drinking on its own or using in your favourite recipes. 
  • Cheese: A proportion of the milk is turned into organic cheese by The Grass Roots Dairy Co.  
  • Sweet treats: Homemade cakes and cookies are available from the vending machine. These are all made with love in the farmhouse kitchen using organic, high quality natural ingredients. 
  • Apple Juice: Every autumn, Wicton Farm hand-pick their apples, press and bottle them ready to be sold.  
  • Milkshakes: Creamy and delicious these milkshakes are a must try! Available by the glass from the vending machine or in glass reusable bottles to take home.  

Wicton Farm is a great place to find fresh, local dairy. They’re committed to sustainability and quality, and they’re passionate about providing their customers with the best possible products.  

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