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Jessie: Rediscover Body Confidence

Jessie, the founder of Rediscover Body Confidence, often refers to herself as Bromyard born and bred (although she was actually born in the Worcester Royal), her Mum discharged herself after a few short hours to come home to Bromyard, so technically this is a minor discrepancy.

“Growing up, you always think the grass is greener, and I was eager to move away and explore the world. I managed to do so, hopping from place to place, but it wasn’t until I met my husband that I felt the pull to be closer to home. We knew we wanted to start a family, and I couldn’t imagine raising children in any other place. It’s not until you’re an adult that you realise just how lucky you were. I never had to fear walking home alone or in the dark. I had fresh air, fields to play in, and family as close as two doors down. I wanted this for my children…”

“…I now view my hometown as a true jewel in the downs. I love the beautiful views you get everywhere you look. I love the fact that we have a National Trust on our doorstep. I love the community and how we all pull together in a crisis or for a charity event. If you know me, you’ll know I love Bromyard’s coffee and vegetarian fry-ups, as you’ll see me inhabiting Brew, Cosy Cafe, and Oaklands more often than probably a normal person. Bromyard has so much potential, and I am grateful to be able to call it home”

Rediscover Body Confidence was created as a space to support women. Combining styling and coaching, it transforms lives, encouraging you to love your style but also to love yourself. The simple truth is that we change. Our bodies change, our style evolves, and we go through so many life alterations, from careers to having children and hormonal fluctuations. It can be easy to get a little lost and not know what your style is anymore. Rediscover offers a deep delve into your wardrobe and your self-worth.

Jessie works closely with her clients using colour/body analysis, styling, and mindset. It’s a holistic approach to get you to a place where you love your style and feel good in your skin. It is not about trends or rules; it’s about real women, self-expression, and owning your unique beauty—personal rather than prescriptive. She promises she has practiced what she preaches, and it has taken a lot of self-development for her to stand before you today. Jessie can proudly say she has studied, trained, and committed herself to continuous professional development. But it’s her personal story that has given her the deep-seated passion to hold space for you here.

“I am on a mission to prevent other women from feeling like I did and to instil confidence and self-care. This is for my daughter and for hers. Healing the feminine and standing up fiercely for what I believe. I not only want to help women worldwide but also the women in my own community, in Bromyard, as well as support local businesses by holding events, collaborating, or recommending clothing, accessories, or self-care items to my clients.”

You can work with Jessie or learn more by heading over to her website She’s always happy to chat over a cup of coffee.