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Cycling Routes in Bromyard

There is no better time to hop on your bicycle and explore the picturesque countryside around Bromyard. With its rolling hills, quaint villages, and scenic trails, this charming corner of Herefordshire beckons to cyclists of all levels. We have carefully curated some of the finest cycling routes for you to choose from, ensuring that you make the most of this season. 

1. Northern Herefordshire Hilly Loop 

Distance: Approximately 52 miles 

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The Northern Herefordshire Hilly Loop is an exhilarating adventure that takes you through the heart of Herefordshire’s countryside. Starting in Bromyard, this 52-mile route guides you along winding roads and rolling hills, providing breath-taking views of the surrounding area. The terrain is diverse, offering a mix of challenging ascents and exhilarating descents. While it is not for the faint-hearted, the sense of achievement as you conquer each hill is truly rewarding. 

Along the way, you will encounter charming villages, meandering streams, and picturesque farmlands dressed in autumn’s colours. Be sure to pack some snacks and a thermos of hot apple cider to keep you fuelled during this ride.  

2. Bromyard to Ledbury Loop 

Distance: Approximately 33.3 miles 

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For a ride that takes you through the stunning Malvern Hills, consider the Bromyard to Ledbury Loop. This 33.3-mile route highlights the picturesque town of Ledbury, known for its historic timber-framed buildings and charming streets. Take a break here to explore the town, enjoy a coffee at a cosy café, or simply soak in the ambience of this delightful destination before returning to Bromyard. 

3. Bromyard Downs Loop 

Distance: 14.8 miles  

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For a more relaxed cycling experience that immerses you in the autumn beauty of Bromyard, the Bromyard Downs route is an excellent choice. This 14.8-mile ride starts just outside the Conquest Theatre and meanders through the historical town of Bromyard, past the intriguing Avenbury Church, and alongside the scenic river Frome. It is a perfect route for those looking to savor the season’s charm. 

As you embark on your autumn cycling adventures, remember to wear appropriate gear for the cooler temperatures, carry essential supplies, and always prioritize safety. Do not forget to share your cycling snapshots and memorable moments with us on social media using #destinationbromyard.