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Come join us for a Brew

Brew café located in the heart of the charming market town of Bromyard, Herefordshire, is an independent run, family owned, dog friendly café. Serving coffee, teas, cakes, light lunches and milkshakes by Hanna and her incredible team since September 2020.  

Brew café is unmissable, its housed in a beautiful period building with original oak beams and that cosy coffee shop feeling, perfect for lunch breaks, coffee dates and a better day.  Brew has established its place in Bromyard with its incredible tasting coffee, homemade cakes and fabulous tasting lunches attracting everyone from young to old alike and quickly becoming a town favourite.  

Brew’s amazing menu isn’t all to celebrate about in Bromyard, Brew can proudly boast they are the heart of a wonderful town community. Hanna and her team want to do all they can for the community, and this was recently demonstrated with a raffle at Christmas. Brew was recently described by a recent arrival to this quintessentially English market town as a ‘community hub’ summing up what Brew is all about. It’s renowned among locals and tourists as a picturesque Herefordshire haven and as a friendly, welcoming place to relax, unwind, and enjoy Bromyard. 

Hanna and her team make sure to use only the finest local ingredients to support other small independent food and drink producers. To help support local businesses brew promote and sell sensational local products like low alcohol ciders and homemade preserves. Brew café has gained 5 stars reviews on Google and Trip Advisor thanks to its incredible team who put customer service at the forefront of what they have set out to achieve when they first opened their doors.  

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