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Bromyard Community Garden

The Bromyard Community Garden is a shared space located in the heart of the town where people come together to grow plants, vegetables, and fruits. Through promoting healthy eating habits, enhancing the environment, and building a sense of community, the garden offers a range of benefits to the people of Bromyard. The garden is open to all and invites everyone to become a part of the growing community in Bromyard.

In May 2022 Bromyard started work on the community garden, based outside the community centre. The garden is run completely by volunteers where they help to plant, nurture and grow fresh fruit and vegetables.

The best part about this project? All of the fresh produce goes to Bromyard Food Bank, to help those within the local community that need it. The garden produces a large amount of fresh food and the community is grateful for this wonderful project, without the dedication from the incredible volunteers, this project would not have been possible!

The community garden is now on the hunt for volunteers to help plan and prepare for the next season. When the time comes, lots of kind volunteers will be needed to help nurture the 2023 produce. It’s safe to say it is a rewarding project and a great way to help the community you live in! If you are looking to volunteer in any way, please get in touch with the council!

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