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Nestled in the countryside of Herefordshire, just on the border to Worcestershire, one might expect a quiet little town. Instead, you’ll find Bromyard – a lively market town bursting with character.

From our rich market town history and our very own town crier, to an active high street with many independent shops and eateries. From scenic walks in the Bromyard Downs and along the River Frome, to vibrant festivals all throughout the year. Bromyard has a little something in store for everyone.


on the Festivals

Bromyard may not be very big, but we are big on festivals. For such a small town, there is a surprising number of festivals and festivities each year. 

Our events calendar is always packed and we love welcoming seasoned Bromyardians, as well as visitors from near and far, to come join us in these lively celebrations of music, culture, history and more.


Strolling along Bromyard’s high street you’ll find many a gem. Our local shops are known for great antiques and surprising second-hand finds. In case you’re not on the hunt for pre-loved treasures, there are plenty of shops with quirky crafts and local products. 

If you plan your visit for the first Sunday of the month, you should definitely stop by our Bromyard Market at the Square. This monthly market was re-established in 2022 to revive Bromyard’s rich market town history and has quickly become a bustling gathering place for old and young alike. 

From scrumpy cider and fresh sourdough bread, to upcycled candles, beautiful wooden crafts and flavourful spices and condiments. Our local artisans and producers from in and around Bromyard always have some great finds on offer.

Food AND Drink

Bromyard, a charming market town in Herefordshire, is a food lover’s paradise with a vibrant independent food and drink scene. The town is home to a variety of independent shops and local producers, offering everything from artisanal cheeses to fresh bread, craft beers, and cider. Stroll through the monthly market, and you’ll find a tempting array of local produce and handmade treats. Whether you’re looking for a cozy café for a leisurely brunch or a gourmet restaurant for a special occasion, Bromyard’s independent food scene is sure to satisfy.

Stay a while

From fancy hotels to glamping and camping – you’ll find your favourite type of accommodation in and around Bromyard. For nature lovers there are the upscale tree houses at The Rookery Woods or the sustainable tree cabins at Brook House Woods. For minimalists, there are the Airstream glamping trailers at The Wells or the campsite at the Bromyard Downs. And if you’re not about the simple life, how about a stay at the Netherwood Estate, Bredenbury Court Barns or Crumplebury – the latter two also doubling up as beautiful wedding venues. 

Bubble bath in wood cabin at The Rookery Woods

Take a break

What better way to slow down time than by having a lunch or coffee break in one of our lovely little cafés? Here you can soak up the atmosphere of this friendly town. In case you need some tips: Oaklands serves a tasty lunch, Emma’s Farmhouse Café has the most delicious homemade cakes, and Brew has the best… brew! 

Over for dinner?

You may not expect it but here in Bromyard, our dinner options are varied. From pub food in one of our many pubs, authentic currys, chinese and fish and chips to farm grown fine-dining in a pigsty at Green Cow Kitchens just outside of town. And did you know we even have our very own Michelin star restaurant nearby – Pensons at the Netherwood Estate?